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Bruschetta Lentil Dip

Bruschetta Lentil Dip

Bruschetta Lentil Dip with feta cheese is yummy, healthy, and super easy to make!  When I first tried this dip, Cynthia made it for a Groundhog Day party.  Recently, I also tried it at the Trader Joe’s sample station.  It is a perfect potluck dip, so I had to make it!

It makes a big batch, which is great for a larger crowd.


1 container of your favorite bruschetta

1 lb. of steamed lentils (Trader Joe’s has them ready to go in their deli/salad section)

8 ozs feta cheese, cut into cubes

Crackers or tortilla chips

In a large bowl, mix the bruschetta and lentils.  Gently toss in the feta cubes.  They will fall apart slightly, but that’s okay.  Serve with crackers or tortilla chips.  Done!  You’re ready for potluck time!


Soy Chorizo Fundido

Three ingredients, super easy, and so good!  Liz brought Soy Chorizo Fundido to our 4th of July potluck last year and I’ve been hounding here for the recipe ever since.  I can’t believe how ridiculously easy it is!


Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo

Trader Joe’s Pub Cheese

Fritos or Trader Joe’s Corn Chips

Cook the soy chorizo and pub cheese in a pan until the cheese is completely melted.  Put it in a serving dish.  Grab the chips and eat!