Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms-2

You only need four ingredients to make these scrumptious mushrooms!  Be sure to make plenty of them as they are an absolute favorite with anyone who likes mushrooms.  You’ll be shocked at how quickly they’ll get devoured!  This recipe was a New Year’s Eve favorite that my Mom used to make.


White mushrooms

Cream cheese

Grated parmesan cheese

White onion, minced.

Pull the stems out of the white mushrooms, rinse well, and place them on a cookie sheet.

Mix cream cheese, onion, and parmesan cheese, to taste.  Generously stuff the cream cheese mixture into the mushrooms.

Broil the mushrooms in the oven until the tops are blackened, the cheese is bubbling, and the mushrooms are juicy.

Let cool before serving.  You can serve them warm, but they are also delicious at room temperature!