I love potlucks!

There’s nothing better than coming together with friends and family to share food and fun times.  Taking a little bit of every dish to try and then going back for seconds on your favorites.  I also love the exchange of recipes that ultimately arises from a potluck.  Many of my favorite recipes were gifts from others.   And there is nothing more flattering than when I’ve made a dish that others want to make and share at their next potluck.

Here on my site, you will find a collection of recipes that have been in my recipe book for years, as well as recipes that were shared by my friends, family, and readers.  As much as possible, we will try to identify the original source of the recipe.  However, many of these recipes have been passed around for so many years that no one knows their true origin.

My hope is that this will become your source for inspiring, delicious potluck recipes and that you might want to share your favorite recipes here too!


* Have you tried one of our recipes?  Let us know what you think by giving us a star rating or submitting a comment here, or on your favorite recipe!


    1. Hi Kimberly! Thanks for stopping by. I just checked out your site and I love it! Okay for me to include the lentil soup on Potluck Time (totally understand if not okay!)? I would include a link to your site too, if you like doing post shares like that?

  1. Good concept! I only have a few solid recipes that I go to when I am invited to a potluck dinner. Hopefully, your blog will change this!

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