Mini Lemon Tarts

Mini Lemon Tarts

These Mini Lemon Tarts are scrumptious with a sugar cookie crust, lemon pie filling, and topped with a dollop of Cool Whip!

Ariel brought these to a potluck at my house recently.  Since then, I have made them a few times for neighbors and everyone has asked for the recipe.  Thank you, Ariel, for sharing this recipe!


Lemon pie filling (If you can’t find it pre-made, then make a batch of Jell-O Lemon Pudding and Pie Filling. You will need white sugar, eggs, and water if you do this)

Sugar cookie dough (You can buy a pre-made dough, make a box dough, or make your favorite recipe from scratch)

Cool Whip

Butter a mini muffin pie tin.  Put a heaping tablespoon (or a melon baller scoop’s worth) of cookie dough in each tin.  Press the dough up the sides of each tin and make sure there is a little indentation in the middle for the pie filling.

Put a heaping teaspoon of lemon filling in each crust.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes or until the edges are golden.  Let cool completely.

Top each tart with a dollop of Cool Whip.  Store in the refrigerator until Potluck Time!


  1. These are delicious and adorable! I made the lemon pie filling from scratch but it wasn’t much harder than the jello kind. I also topped each with a single blueberry the other night for a group of friends and they are the whole batch!

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